Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lifedrawing, February 4, 2010

The secret to being early/on time is to realize that your car's clock is 20 minutes slow!!! Oh and to make sure you follow up and change it. Was wondering how I kept losing time! Made it to life drawing early this fact was the only one there for about 15 minutes. Was a good night and I'm getting comfortable with the group. Have shared a 2, 2 @ 5, 10 and 2 @ 15 minute drawings.

Last and maybe least...haha....a 15 minute I tried on arches 140cp using the water soluble graphite with water. I have drawn a fair amount with it dry. I love the feel and soft grayness. So I wasn't expecting how dark it got when brushing over it with water. The texture of the paper impeded the process as well. I couldn't get those flowing lines I do when its dry or the soft washes I'm used to getting in watercolour. Kind of silly to try it the first time at lifedrawing. Will try again with 140hp paper and see if I get better results.

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  1. Trish--I really love your line in these--very lyrical. I think in 15 minutes I might be able to manage a nose....