Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lifedrawing February 11, 2010

Thought I should probably post some of my life drawings from last weeks session before I go to life drawing tonight!! LOL. It has been a real crazy week. So busy right now helping plan and organize a national juried art show that will be at the Old Kamloops Courthouse in April. Along with the show there is two days of demos and discussion at St Andrews on the square and our fundraiser dance with David Langevin and the Blues Jumpers at the Ukrainian Hall. If you want dance tickets let me know!!

Have uploaded 6 life drawings 2 @ 2 minutes, a 5, a 10 and 2 @ 15 minutes each in that order. Sometimes when painting or drawing an artist can 'blank out' otherwise known as being in the zone. This rarely happens at life drawing more frequently in the studio. Those are the magic moments. The 15 minute pose where the model is in a doorway with one hand on her belly. I was focused so much that I did get in the zone and I made her slightly pregnant....must have been that hand on the belly. Funny what the subconscious can do! Love what happens when I'm in the 'zone'.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lifedrawing, February 4, 2010

The secret to being early/on time is to realize that your car's clock is 20 minutes slow!!! Oh and to make sure you follow up and change it. Was wondering how I kept losing time! Made it to life drawing early this fact was the only one there for about 15 minutes. Was a good night and I'm getting comfortable with the group. Have shared a 2, 2 @ 5, 10 and 2 @ 15 minute drawings.

Last and maybe least...haha....a 15 minute I tried on arches 140cp using the water soluble graphite with water. I have drawn a fair amount with it dry. I love the feel and soft grayness. So I wasn't expecting how dark it got when brushing over it with water. The texture of the paper impeded the process as well. I couldn't get those flowing lines I do when its dry or the soft washes I'm used to getting in watercolour. Kind of silly to try it the first time at lifedrawing. Will try again with 140hp paper and see if I get better results.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life Drawing, January 28, 2010

Late for life drawing this week too!! I am usually on time but somehow the clock in my car lost 20 minutes.....maybe that was why I was late last week too! Anyways got there just in time but still had to set up my easel by the time I did that we were into the 5 minute poses. Had a good night once I got going. Have picked 5 drawings to share...a 5 , 10 and 3 @ 15 minutes.

Life Drawing January 21, 2010

Not my best session! First I was a bit behind schedule. Then I forgot my drawing board and nothing to put my paper on. The other artists attending lent me what I needed so I could draw...thanks! By the time I got it together in time for last two minute pose time was half up. My graphite was acting up too...hit a hard spot...had to keep working it down. The drawings are fainter than usual because of it. Not too good a night. You know how it goes...we all have them once in a while. Have posted a 2, 5 and 10 minute drawing from that session.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life Drawings From Fall 2009

Life drawing is the act of drawing the human figure from a live model. Sketching nude models from life is a time-honoured artistic endeavor recorded in history as early as the 13th century while figure drawing goes back to prehistoric times. The human figure is the most prevalent subject throughout Art History. This process is one of the most challenging as people come in all forms and the body can change dramatically with the slightest movement of either the model or the artist.

Life drawing is a passion of mine. Models are expensive so groups of artists get together to share costs. Recently I have been fortunate to get into a life drawing group that meets weekly in Kamloops. It is about 40 minutes from where I live but well worth the trip! I have posted below photos of my life drawings from this past fall. Next I'll begin posting a few from each weeks session starting with the sketches from Thursday January 21. I work primarily on newsprint although a few are on pastel paper. I found it difficult to get decent photos but am sharing them anyways!

1 to 2 Minute Life Drawings

At the beginning of a life drawing session the model strikes quick poses usually 1 and then 2 minutes each. This allows the artists to 'warm up' and to draw from poses that would be difficult to hold longer.

1 to 2 Minute Life Drawings

5 to 10 Minute Life Drawings

After the 1 and 2 minute poses the time for each pose jumps to 5 and 10 minutes each. While the poses are still difficult for the model they are a little easier to hold than the short times. These poses make up the bulk of each session.

I had worked mostly in charcoal but was introduced to water soluble graphite during a workshop last fall given by Suzanne Northcott, I find the graphite stick to be big and solid in my hand. It is easily manipulated to create soft and hard lines. With water it creates a wash. It doesn't smudge like charcoal. Now, I usually work with either the graphite or charcaol in my right hand and schminke white pastel in the left. This way I can create the dark and darker midrange values with the charcoal/graphite and the lightest value with the Schminke while the newsprint becomes the lighter midrange.

5 to 10 Minute Life Drawings

15 to 20 Minute Life Drawings

15 to 20 minute poses are generally more relaxed and comfortable as they get easier for the model to hold.

15 to 20 Minute Life Drawings

30 to 45 Minute Life Drawings

I'm sure you get the picture by now. The longer the pose the more complete and detailed the drawing. Sometimes it is too long and loses the freshness of something quicker. 20 minutes seems a good length most times although a longer pose can give more information on which to base a painting.

30 to 45 Minute Life Drawings from Fall 2009