Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lifedrawing February 11, 2010

Thought I should probably post some of my life drawings from last weeks session before I go to life drawing tonight!! LOL. It has been a real crazy week. So busy right now helping plan and organize a national juried art show that will be at the Old Kamloops Courthouse in April. Along with the show there is two days of demos and discussion at St Andrews on the square and our fundraiser dance with David Langevin and the Blues Jumpers at the Ukrainian Hall. If you want dance tickets let me know!!

Have uploaded 6 life drawings 2 @ 2 minutes, a 5, a 10 and 2 @ 15 minutes each in that order. Sometimes when painting or drawing an artist can 'blank out' otherwise known as being in the zone. This rarely happens at life drawing more frequently in the studio. Those are the magic moments. The 15 minute pose where the model is in a doorway with one hand on her belly. I was focused so much that I did get in the zone and I made her slightly pregnant....must have been that hand on the belly. Funny what the subconscious can do! Love what happens when I'm in the 'zone'.

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  1. Your life drawings are really coming along Trish...It's not hard to tell that you are enjoying it.