Thursday, June 3, 2010

65 Red Roses

Recently I was honoured to be part of a collaborative work by 65 members of the Federation of Canadian Artists that was donated to the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All artists painted an 8x10 panel which had to include a red rose. Collectively they total 65 red roses which is also the title of the blog by Eva Markvoort. Eva died this past March but left behind a life legacy that few could accomplish. She has and will continue to touch the lives and hearts of so very many people worldwide through her blog and award-winning 2009 documentary film 65 Red Roses.

A unveiling reception on May 15 at performance Works on Granville Island was attended by over 400 guests. Homage was paid to Eva, her life and love that she shared freely. The final painting composed of the 65 8x10s was absolutely stunning and will be auctioned by Maynards in Vancouver on June 16. Posters were also made and are available for $65 each. All proceeds go to the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. For info go to or if you wish to purchase a poster contact the Federation of Canadian Artists at 604-681-8534.

Have included an image of my own 8x10 red rose and one of the poster.

Contributing Artists:

Gaye Adams SFCA
Trish Armstrong-Gibson AFCA
Carol Arnston, Active
Angela Au Hemphill SFCA
Robert Bateman SFCA
Anthony J Batten SFCA
Teressa Bernard SFCA
Alessandra Bitelli SFCA
Kristi Bridgeman Active
Barrie Chadwick SFCA
Tinyan Chan SFCA
Doris Charest AFCA
Roberta R Combs SFCA
Sue Cowan SFCA
Sandra Donohue AFCA
Marney Edge Active
Tim Fraser Active
Robert Genn SFCA
Drew Gillies AFCA
Martine Gourbault SFCA
Disa Marie Hale AFCA
Lalita Hamill AFCA
Kiff Holland SFCA
Phillipa Hudson Active
Lorry Hughes AFCA
Caroline Hunter AFCA
Gail Johnson AFCA
Amanda Jones SFCA
Jutta Kaiser SFCA
Sandy Kay AFCA
Sarah Kidner SFCA
Michael King Active
Michael Knox Active
Heidi Lambert AFCA
David Langevin Active
Chi-keung Leung AFCA
Carol Ljuden AFCA
Brent Lynch SFCA
Pauline Martland AFCA
Andrew McDermott SFCA
Richard S McDiarmid SFCA
Robert McMurray AFCA
Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki SFCA
Suzanne Northcott SFCA
Uli Ostermann AFCA
Patricia Peacock SFCA
Sandrine Pelissier AFCA
Genevieve Pfeiffer AFCA
Dianna R Ponting SFCA
Alice Rabinowitz AFCA
Myrtle-Anne Rempel SFCA
Cindy Revell AFCA
Janice Robertson SFCA
Jo Scott-B AFCA
Merrilee Sett AFCA
Michael Svob SFCA
Shirley Thomas AFCA
Marilyn Y Timms SFCA
Marjorie Turnbull AFCA
Jim Walsh Active
Pam Weber AFCA
Gary Whitley AFCA
Elizabeth Wiltzen SFCA
Alan Wylie SFCA
Barbara Younger AFCA

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