Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Logan Lake Scape #5

Wow! It's been a while since my last blog. The national show/fundraiser and demos etc... all done until next April. Show turnout was great and we sold 8 paintings. The fundraiser dance was a blast as usual and we did pretty good with it. My painting included in this blog was hanging at the show and was one of the eight sold. YEA!

Was in a car accident in early April and am slowly recuperating from that. Am trying to start painting again but it is a struggle as the affected areas are shoulders neck, arms and back. Was forced to miss the remainder of life drawing this year. We don't meet again until September so no more nudes until then although one of these days I'll have to go through the last few sessions before the accident and post a few.

I managed to finish a 10x8 painting for a project organized by the Federation of Canadian Artists,'65 Red Roses', for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. There are 65 amazing participating artists whose paintings will be made into one piece that will auctioned on June 16 by Maynards, Vancouver. For more info go to http://web.me.com/angela.au.hemphill/Painting_65_Red_Roses/Welcome.html

Am looking forward to next weekend away on the coast which includes the reception for this event as well as some much needed alone time for Bill and myself. Will be a nice relaxing break! Hope its a glorious sunny weekend as I plan on getting as much reference material as I can gather...ssssshhhhhhhhhh....don't tell Bill. LOL Trish

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